Viewers from Nepal

Viewers from Nepal are requested to click the below link to purchase vouchers to view Movies on

Please Note:
The vouchers are available in pack of 3 vouchers.

1. Click on the below Payment button, which will redirect you to the payment page.
2. A pack will give you 3 vouchers.
3. Make payment via Debit / Credit Card
4. The vouchers will be sent to your email id within 12 hours.

Please Note
Vouchers are applicable only for users registering and using from Nepal.
To use vouchers, you have to register your account on
Click on the activation link send in the welcome email (please check promotions / spam folder if you dont find email in inbox or search "BEJOD" in inbox).
Login to your account on and then click PLAY movie.
In the pop-up, click the voucher tab and Apply your voucher to watch movie
Once started, you will have 48 hours to watch the full movie.
The movie can not be watched on 2 devices at same time..
Please visit Help Section for more help

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