Mithila Makhaan

Mithila Makhaan

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Genre: DRAMA

Duration: : 02:11:59

Language : Maithili
Subtitles : English, Hindi
Purchase Type : Rent
Rent Duration : 48 Hours



An emotional and thrilling journey of Kranti Prakash who works in Toronto, for establishing his grandfather's company which was closed down 35 years ago in a small village in Bihar, India. Kranti, 32 works in a company in Toronto and comes to his village in Bihar after 23 years. In his short trip of one week he has to perform a small family ritual/puja and meet the girl with whom his mother wants him to get married. The village of his memories is no more the same, the place is marred with migration, corruption and apathy from all the quarters. Meanwhile he finds out that his grandfather used to be a Makhaan (a famous Agro product) farmer in 70s and was killed due to business rivalry. He leaves village with heavy heart after 4 days. Kranti reaches Delhi airport to catch his outbound flight but sudden surge of emotion and dramatic turnouts makes him come back to his village. He vows to start the company "Mithila Makhaan Private Limited" once again but the road to this entrepreneurial venture in hinterlands of India is not easy. In his pursuit, he fights against odds and especially the Makhaan Mafia Brahma Singh. Mithila Makhaan is a riveting story of triumph of human spirit.



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fantastic movie, we are waiting for more such maithili movies. keep it up and at last maja aaib get deikh k.
Saurab jha at 2021-01-02

Any rating below 5 will be an insult to this classic movie, thanks for making us a part of mithila makhaan... Hope the good works keeps going on an on. New era of bhojpuri, mithila movies has started. Looking forward for more such movies..
Mukund Kumar Sah at 2020-12-23

Bad nik katha aaich... Apan maithil wasi ke ek ber jarur dekhabk chahie.Bad nik lagal dekh ka enahiye bnabu maithali me movie hamro sab k j yogdan hath se karab... Aaha sab viswas nai manab hamar 1pahila ye film aaich je ham paisa da k dekhlao on krto na keta sa dwld ka ye ka dekhai chalaoya...bad nik lagal
Aditya jha at 2020-12-22

Awesome movie plz watch it
BIPIN PATHAK at 2020-12-14

Very Good Movie
Gautam Kumar Purbey at 2020-12-12